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Providing Everything You Need to Make Your Home Exterior Beautiful



Siding can dramatically change the curb appeal of your home. The siding on your home serves two purposes. It protects the wood framing of your home and interior finishes of your home from the elements. Vinyl siding products are especially beautiful with bright colours and different styles such as vertical & horizontal options as well as siding that replicates wood without the maintenance.

To freshen up your home and add beautiful curb appeal. We carry all colours from Mitten Building Products as well as all 3 lines, the Rustic Collection, Bold Premium as well as their Natural Standard Line.


Decks and Porches add extra living space to your home.  Craig Bell Carpentry can work with you to design and build or replace a current deck or porch for that beautiful extra space.



Fences can be used for multiple reasons, to add safety around your property, establish boundaries, provide privacy, eliminate unsightly views, they can create a sound barrier and protect kids and pets at play.

Craig Bell Carpentry can build you the fence you need, no matter the reason you need one.

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